Fall into the Moss Art scene

Artworks crafted from moss create a lush and tactile addition to an interior or exterior wall.

Moss Art can incorporate various foliage types, textures, colours and materials, such as wood, metal and ceramics. The use of colourful moss in an interior design makes a poignant statement about our longed for connection with the natural world.

These artworks are easy to maintain, with just a spray of water twice a week needed to keep the moss moist.

As well as creating a touchable and splendid visual centrepiece, our Greenology Moss Art pieces absorb noise and bring nature indoors.

An exciting synthesis of art, nature and science

Deep Green clients have always shown a great deal of enthusiasm for the greening revolution, giving patronage to some incredibly artful and pioneering designs.

Discover the Greening Revolution

Green Roofs, Living Walls and Outdoor Rooms, bring together innovative uses of substrate, reticulation, soft and hard-scaping, for spaces that seek to blend interior and exterior concepts and experiences.

An amazing synthesis between technology and aesthetics, Deep Green is excited to bring this new way of greening your space to WA.

Call today and bring your vision to life

Your Moss Art can be designed specifically to your requirements and the practicalities of your space. This art form looks amazing on a large-scale canvass, and can incorporate other materials and plants.

Capture a slice of wildness and liven up a room

Deep Green have created their own range of Moss Art designs that are available as limited edition framed pieces.

These compositions can make a beautiful and impactful centerpiece, in your home, bar, restaurant or office.

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Our Moss Art, Vertical Garden and Green Wall development partner in bringing the latest innovations to Australia

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