Subiaco Library

Working in conjunction with the City of Subiaco, Deep Green installed an all native vertical garden to the entrance façade of Evelyn H Parker public library on Rokeby road, Subiaco.

As part of wider urban greening trials in conjunction with the City of Subiaco, the brief for this vertical garden required it to be composed of all natives and require minimum watering and maintenance.

A selection of robust and complimentary natives was chosen to maximize biodiversity whilst being naturally aesthetically pleasing. Species chosen included the native grasses Dianella, Lomandra and Ficinia, the attractive flowers of Hemiandra and Scaevola, and the contrasting grey-green foliage of Olearia and Eremophila.

Since installation, this vertical garden has flourished as rootballs have fully established and the plants have begun to settle into their microclimate.