Deep Green completed the 2018 LIAWA award winning landscaping surrounding Aria Apartments Swanbourne in Early 2017.

The landscape boasts a ‘resort feel’ which was achieved by utilising many native species along with a select mix of hardy sub-tropical plants.

Several large transplant trees were sourced early on in the project and installed to achieve a ‘mature’ feel to the greenspace creating that instant tropical holiday feeling. A drastic increase to planting density was implemented mid-way through the project to ensure that the lush greenery had maximum impact from day one.

Raised garden beds ranging from 300mm to 1200mm in height help to create a structured look, showcase the tropical foliage and direct traffic flow around the apartment complex.

Due to the structure layout, all soil installed throughout the project had to be brought in via the front doors of the building. A combination of Earth moving equipment, ramps and conveyor belts were used to move the soil into its final location.

A special Deep Green ‘Light Weight Soil Mix’ was custom blended for this project with a fully saturated weight of only 1.4 tone per cubic meter to ensure the best health for the planting whilst meeting the strict weight restrictions imposed by engineering constraints.

Above the complex’s yoga and dining rooms a green roof was installed using our specialised Deep Green ‘Intensive Green Roof Soil Mix’ to achieve a specified maximum soil depth of only 150mm. This specialised soil mix is designed to achieve optimum plant health via the incorporation of nutrients and correct pH levels, whist still being a lightweight product.