This extremely functional, aesthetically pleasing landscape provides the residents of this stunning, modern apartment building, with a crisp, lush view from the building, and an inviting area in which to relax and enjoy. A delightful mixture of strappy leaved plants, vibrantly coloured succulents, and stunning mature trees, coupled with white and grey straight lines, create a total experience to be relished in the outdoor area.

From above, the crisp white, angled planter boxes contrast with the lush green grass and planted areas. These planters are filled with white gravel and varying colours of plants, which really accentuates the use of shapes, lines and colour.

Stainless steel railings and the use of glass bring a very clean, contemporary feel to the garden. The ability to see right through the glass wall to the pool opens the area up considerably.

Every section of the landscape is utilised beautifully. Even the stairs become an integral part of the view, creating shadow and light patterns in conjunction with those cast by the planters. Looking down from above is something special.

From ground level, it is equally as pleasing. Magnolias and Frangipanis exude a delicious scent, and there are many different and beautifully foliaged flora to admire and enjoy. A private place, bordered by trees, and filled with vibrancy and energy for the lucky residents to spend quality time in.