Encompasses a stunning array of plants and trees, contrasting gravel, and the clean lines of raised planter beds, and different levels, to create a functional, interesting landscape for the residents to enjoy and admire.

Succulents, native plants and coastal tolerant trees, watered with drip line irrigation, keep water usage at a minimum, while still providing colour, texture and freshness to the many intimate areas of garden. The different heights of planting bring parts of the garden up to eye level, so that it can be appreciated from many different angles. There are many places to sit, and walk through, and the pool area is fresh and inviting.

A massive Poinciana and a huge Dracaena Draco are just two of the focal points of this garden, surrounded by greenery and ordered linear bands of exposed aggregate concreting, and crisp white and grey planters. Magnolias and Metrosideros fill the area with perfume and colour.