Wellington Gardens casts a gem in the Perth City Link crown.

The Deep Green team were very excited to be involved in the latest project for the Perth City Link, urban regeneration project. Wellington Gardens is a stellar attraction in the project, which is adding serious wow factor to the centre of our city.

The aim of City Link is to reconnect Northbridge with the CBD, through the creation of a network of dynamic and vibrant pedestrian spaces. The brief for Wellington Gardens was to create a verdant and enticing landscape, nestled between highrise buildings in the CBD.

“Deep Green met this brief perfectly”

says Outdoor Design Source, who featured the landmark development in their industry publication.

The highlight of this unique public space garden is the incorporation of the Ripplescape, a playful art installation by Nicole Voevodin-Cash. Ripplescape is a walkable installation of miniature hills and contours, which illuminates at night, with an undulating course of glow-in-the-dark banding.


Designer, Nicole Voevodin-Cash describes the space as, ‘the natural with the man-made, creating a theatre of the everyday. Giving rise to good social locations, while challenging the senses and the body.’

Completed in March 2016, the Wellington Gardens project exhibits our signature blend of lush vegetation and striking hardscape design. The space provides a tempting timeout space for busy urban dwellers, workers, and residents. It’s a gem for visitors to stumble across while walking through our newly connected and enlivened CBD.

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