Deep Green Landscaping

is a Design & Construction firm specialising in residential landscaping projects.

The Design process comprises of several stages:


Establishing the scope of works for the project

 We want to know what you would like to achieve, how you would like to use the space, whether you have children, pets, what elements you would like us to consider. This initial discussion is important for several reasons: -to give us clear guidelines for the concept development -to discuss whether the work fits into your budget -to assess whether your wish list can be implemented, considering any site restrictions, council regulations etc.


Developing a Concept Plan

In this stage we will draft a concept plan, based on the initial scope of works, for you to review and comment on. The fee includes two revisions to give you the opportunity to amend the concept so you are completely satisfied with the plan. A typical concept plan will show the landscape layout including both hardscape and softscape elements, planting plan with a planting schedule and some basic elevation drawings if required. It will also include a product/material selection. Fees for a concept plan start at $2,500 plus GST for a typical property in the metropolitan area.


Preparing a Cost Estimate

A preliminary cost estimate will be prepared based on the concept plan to give you an indication of the cost of construction work. It will give a breakdown of cost for all main elements so you know exactly how much different items cost. This will enable you to make an informed decision what to change/delete should the total cost go over your allocated budget. We do try to design to your budget, however, so it is important to advise us at the start of the process how much you are prepared to spend on your landscape project.


Design, Development and Documentation

Once you are happy with the concept plan we can prepare detailed landscape drawings that may include structural details, more detailed elevations and sections as required, lighting plan and anything that may be necessary for council approval. Cost for this stage of the design process will be quoted once the scope of works has been fully determined and confirmed. Engineering certification will attract additional fees.