This is a sublime example of a smart, contemporary garden built to compliment a smart, contemporary home.

A stunning, double trunked Ponytail Palm, is elegantly poised at the entrance. With striking succulents contrasted against the smooth grey planters, the garden reflects the minimalistic style of the house it surrounds, while still managing to arrest the attention of passers-by. House and garden meld into one elegant edifice.

Clean straight lines emphasis the sleek architectural style of the property, while subtle variations in height, shade and angle keep the effect dynamic and dramatically interesting. The climbers are particularly effective. Adding fragrance and a cooling, verdant influence.

The use of pebbles gives texture while also assisting with drainage, and the Travertine paving, with its crystalline finish, makes a lavish feature of the walkway to the courtyard.

Deciduous trees let in warmth and light in winter, while providing cool shade in summer. Beautiful lighting around the garden, and within the water feature, brings the landscaping to life at night.

The real accomplishment of this landscaping project is the use beautiful finishes and sophisticated design aspects combined to achieve a look and feel that is clean and simple, but with signatures of luxury and decadence.

Design – Cultivart Landscape Design

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