Green Roofs

Deep Green Landscaping in Perth is experienced in all aspects of rooftop gardens, podium level landscapes and intensive and extensive green roofs.

Intensive green roofs are more like traditional roof top gardens, with soil depths over 300mm and typically allowing access and amenity onto the roof itself.


Extensive green roofs have a shallow substrate (less than 300mm and as little as 100mm) and are not normally intended to have access.

Benefits of green roofs include reduced stormwater runoff, thermal and acoustic insulation, habitat creation and biodiversity values, increased lifetime and protection of roofing membranes, as well as aesthetics.

Deep Green Landscaping is a member of Green Roofs Australasia. 



Inner city office building with roof top landscaping on the 7th and 14th levels. As the latest addition to the Perth cityscape one40william stands out for its unusual lines, outstanding contemporary architecture and eco-friendly design.

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