Residential Landscapers Perth

Ellesmere St. Mt. Hawthorn

This uber modern design is in perfect keeping with the industrial character of the house it services. Deep Green have created a post modern, futuristic vision, but not without a strong homely sensibility. It may put you in mind of the sixties TV show the Jetsons!

Imbued with a sense of fun, as well as style, we hope it demonstrates how a well-crafted garden can tie together all the contradictory aspects of your home.

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Fortre Rd. Mt. Claremont

Clean straight lines emphasis the sleek architectural style of this property, while subtle variations in height, shade and angle keep the effect dynamic and dramatically interesting.

The climbers are particularly effective. Adding fragrance and a cooling, verdant influence.

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Needlewood Rd, Churchlands

A beautiful courtyard is a great way to utilise a small outdoor area, but when neighbouring properties overlook your intimate alfresco dining area, it may just cramp your style.

An outdoor room, with a translucent roof that allows air-flow, sunlight, and a view of the stars, but screens you from peering eyes, is the perfect solution. We used it here to great effect.

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